This is where are preserves are born using the recipes of days gone by


You can find our kitchen immersed in the uncontaminated nature of the Solarino (Syracuse) countryside, which is also our hometown. And our hearts are still there, in that house where we have spent many a Sunday or family celebration around that big table by the oven, where today an amazing team of women sing as they prepare the ingredients for our preserves. .
This special place with a unique atmosphere conserves the memory of what has been, all surrounded by the fragrance of the Sicilian countryside and the sounds of birdsong and the cattle calling in the fields.

For generations: the same genuine recipe

All the vegetables we use are grown by local farmers and sourced close to home, just like our father did, while also bearing in mind the product’s traceability which, over the years, has become an important quality guarantee.

In fact, every product that arrives in our workshop is rigorously selected by hand, one-by-one, and carefully inspected.

A careful and attentive process that cannot be imitated by modern-day machinery. Then they are cooked by the skilled hands of local women, who have worked together for years, all according to traditional recipes, reproduced with the same love and passion that they have when they cook for their families at home.


We start work really early in the morning, sometimes even in the thick of night, depending on the season and the recipes we need to prepare. Our tireless ambition is to recreate the lost flavours of days gone by, as tradition intended, and this requires love, passion and dedication. Three rare but essential ingredients.


The finished and packaged products go straight from our workshop to your dinner table, and they sometimes even end up at some of the big international tradeshows, especially the ones in France.
Here we present our products to a select audience that would normally be hard to reach and they always leave our stand fascinated by what they've learnt.

Gli eventi

Una grande bella foto di famiglia

I nostri collaboratori sono una grande famiglia. Il loro è un lavoro di squadra, che senza fiducia e armonia sarebbe impossibile fare. L’esperienza e la conoscenza della materia prima e di ogni passaggio delle varie preparazioni sono le qualità che li accomunano e che ne fanno una squadra unica e per questo vincente.

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